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Sports have been always part of people’s life, even before they were known as sports. However, as a business, it took quite a while for sports to be seem like a lucrative market, but today this approach has been growing significantly.

Sports teams have a market value and Forbes Mexico, one of the most famous business magazines in the world, decided to rank the top 50 most valuable football teams in America. The criteria utilized were the value of the stadium, the market value of their players and the brand’s market value.

Not surprisingly, on the 2020 list[1], the Major League Soccer (MLS) had the most teams in the top 10 with four teams (Atlanta United, Los Angeles FC, New England Revolution, and Sporting Kansas City) and had the most valuable team: the Atlanta United, with a value of US$1,482.5 billion dollars, the only team suppressing the one billion mark.

The success of sports teams in the MLS is explained, according to the study, due to the infrastructure (for instance, the Atlanta United Stadium is the most expensive ever, with a cost of US$1.4 billion), the value of the sporting industry in the US and the technology they implement into sports.

The second country with the most representatives was Brazil. The so called “the country of football” had three teams (Sport Club Corinthians Paulista, Sociedade Esportiva Palmeiras and Gremio Foot-Ball Porto Alegrense). It was not a coincidence. All of them have beautiful and modern stadiums, built in the last 7 years.

The importance of the stadiums value is clear when we compare the best ranked teams on the list with the club that has the top 2 most expensive roster in America: Clube de Regatas Flamengo, with a roster value of 123.5 million euros[2], but only comes in the 17th place on the list, because this Brazilian club does not own a stadium.

Mexico has two representatives on the list, with Club Deportivo Chivas Guadalajara and Club de Fútbol Monterrey, leading the country in market value. While Chivas has more than 13 commercial partners that pay more than U$D10 million annually, Monterrey just built a new stadium with a cost of US$200 million, the most expensive ever, justifying their position.

Argentina, a strong country in football and the homeland of great players, had only one representative in the top 10, with Club Atlético River Plate, supported by its most expensive roster in America, with a value of US$151 million, which is 56% of its market value (US$270 million).

Colombia is definitely one of the most powerful countries in America’s football, but only had one club cracking into the top 50, with Deportivo Cali and its market value of US$97 million, which was enough to hold the 28th position on the list, again, due to the fact that is the only Colombian club with a stadium.

The list show that even though the MLS future is bright and looks to be strong due to their infrastructure, TV rights and growing “soccer” culture, their rosters are far away from the big ones of South America which are increasing day by day. The most favored clubs of the grow of MLS are the clubs of smalls-medium countries (Colombia, Uruguay, Ecuador, Chile) because now they have a new market to sell, despite the fact that the transfers to MLS are subject to certain conditions that do not allow to pay big amounts.

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By: Pedro Juncal

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